why_your_business_needs_design-infographic-thumbBelieve it or not there are some companies that still do not attach any significant importance to design. They are happy to amble along with a serviceable, humdrum website or a staid corporate image, but can they maintain a competitive edge without being design-conscious?

Those companies that do see design as integral to the growth of their business form almost half of all UK based businesses. Considering the importance of design, as they have, will pay dividends. A design savvy business could also increase their market share by 6.3%. Spend $152 (£100) on design…increase turnover by $342.52 (£225), and add an extra KA-POW! to your business  – because improving your business through design will add significant impact to how your business performs.

Each generation is becoming more discerning when it comes to design, and what makes for good design is a delicate balancing act. Furthermore our aesthetic tastes are continually changing; one month it might be vintage themes, the next it could be minimalism. Good design however will age well – many businesses know this, and they know that an increased investment in design can lead to increased turnover growth. In addition to this shares in design-minded businesses outperform key stock market indices by 200%.

Nine Reasons Why Your Business Needs Design
is a stylish, off-the-wall Infographic from graphic design agency Amplitude. Comprehensible, acute and well-judged, it adeptly illustrates the benefits that great design can have on businesses.

Infographic created by brand design agency Amplitude Creative.