I was very happy when I saw the Fine Bros latest video “Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial.” Its fun, hilarious and moreover, brought a tear to my eye.

May 2013, Cheerios released a commercial promoting the Heart Healthy advantages of their cereal. Since my father’s heart attack in 2010, I’ve been particularly keen to issues regarding heart disease and healthy living. Overall I thought the commercial was endearing. I immediately felt warm and fuzzy by the care and concern of the young child for her father’s health.

To my surprise the commercial created an uproar¬†on the internet¬†and sparked so much debate around what should have been a fun loving message. It wasn’t the topic of the commercial but the actors delivery the message that were sending people for a spin.

The problem was the family represented an interracial family- white mother, black father, interracial daughter. I’m also a product of a mixed race family. My immediate family nucleus represents various shades, countries, cultures and experiences. Growing up in the 80s, it was difficult as a child to wrap my brain around why some people treated me differently or plainly did not like because my background was defined by several races.

Having a supportive family, I never felt unloved but dealing with prejudice from complete strangers and even people at school- teachers and students, was another story. When I initially followed the story, it really shocked me that the thought of an interracial family on a national commercial would cause so much controversy. But if the kids in the video above represent the future, we have a bright legacy ahead of us.