For the last 8 years, I have been co-producing the wildly popular San Diego Comic Con International panel, The Black Panel. Michael Davis has been the mastermind/ creator/ moderator of the panel for the last 20 years. The panel is seriously one of the most entertaining panels at Comic Con. Not only is the caliber of panel alumni a list of who’s who in entertainment and comics, it is an incredibly informative conversation with the fans.

This year I moved from behind the scenes and became an official panelist. It was a huge honor to be featured with such an illustrious group of professionals, especially considering The Black Panel was the first panel I ever saw at Comic Con. If that isn’t a testament to the power of networking at Comic Con, I don’t know what is!

Below you can enjoy footage of the whole panel. Sit back relax and be prepared to be entertained as I speak about my role in the film Dark Girls, the upcoming Milestones: African Americans in Comics, Pop Culture and Beyond, and being a woman/ minority in the entertainment industry.

This year’s panel once again brings together movers and shakers from a variety of entertainment mediums: Wayne Brady (The Wayne Brady Show, Let’s Make a Deal, The Chappelle Show), Orlando Jones (Sleepy Hollow, Tainted Love, Black Dynamite), Tatiana El-Khouri (Dark Girls, The Milestones Show), John Jenning (BLACK COMIX, Octavia Butler’s Kindred), Tony Rich (The Tony Rich Project, The Hidden Beach), and David Walker (Bad Azz MoFo, Super Justice Force). Moderated by Michael Davis.

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