I had a blast talking to Tasty Keish on TK in the AM about the #OldNavyFail and why I started Road to Artdom. If you haven’t heard about the Old Navy debacle, I posted a spirited Rant on my nonprofit’s fan page:

Why is this even a conversation?! #OldNavy this campaign is ridiculous.1. An Artist had to create this. What a…

Posted by Road to Artdom on Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Listen to the interview here

“For the last #airoutWednesday of 2015, we have no choice but to take on the Tamir Rice non-indictment; artists clap back at Old Navy with special guest Tatiana El-Khouri, founder of Road to Artdom (http://roadtoartdom.org); and we celebrate Kwanzaa with innovations from Haiti and Ghana.”

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